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Industry's narrowest standard advantage Spread

Industry’s narrowest
standard advantage Spread

Increase efficiency of asset management Leverage 1000 times

Increase efficiency of asset
management Leverage 1000:1

Fixed speed NO1 Slippage without Requote

Fixed speed NO1
Slippage without Requote

Safety of funds Trust maintenance and separate storage

Safety of funds Trust
maintenance and separate storage

Zero cut method adopted without MarginCall

Zero cut method adopted
without MarginCall

Boasting quality

Boasting quality

Price optimization Interbank direct connection

Price optimization
Interbank direct connection

We realize the richness of a top ranking

Pick up the smartphone out of your pocket while checking the interval between busy jobs.
When you open the application, infinite dreams are spreading there.

While watching the chart, here it is! I thought that entry!
The price goes up as expected! payment completed!

It is the birth of a great-fought trader who earns $300 in 7 minutes.

Dress in a crisp suit,
Bring your girlfriend to a fine restaurant,
Give a casual gift.

Weekend is a little petit travel.
It is released from the bustle of the day and heals tiredness on a daily basis.

While immersing in a hot spring, your future and lover,
When I start thinking about my future with my family, I can not stop exciting.

Such a life now has your class

It can be realized with smartphones.

Combine your dreams together

Choose VirtueForex 3 POINT

High transparency
Direct interconnection

Reduce transaction costs with tight spreads and increase the possibilities of profit.

Since we are directly connected with 16 liquidity providers, we always offer the best price. I do not do price operation at all like other companies.

24 hours 365 days
Complete response
Customer support

You can contact the exclusive person in charge directly in chat.

Our company professional finance professionals
, Politely one by one, beginners from beginners
Up to the Ro trader, all the doubts
I will resolve it.

Meta Trader 4

40 currency pair, gold and silver, Bitcoin
Various trading methods

Many technical charts
Professional Chart
Because it is optimized for smartphone,
No matter where you do, you can trade.

Other companies comparison

  VirtueForex A B C
Transaction fee Fee Fee Fee
Number of currency pairs 40pair
Execution Rate/Speed Execution Rate:100%
Execution Speed:0.030sec
Execution Rate:81.5%
Execution Speed:0.96sec
Execution Rate:99.9%
Execution Speed:0.276sec
Execution Rate:92.3%
Execution Speed:0.297sec
Spread comparison
Minimum0.9PIPS Minimum0.3PIPS Minimum1.0PIPS Minimum1.0PIPS
Leverage 1000:1 25:1 888:1 400:1
Forced loss cut available available available none
Addition certificate none
(Zero cutting system)
available none
(Zero cutting system)
(Zero cutting system)
Trust maintenance Cash amount is kept in trust Trust maintenance in external institution Partial trust maintenance
* Up to 20,000 EUR (about 2.5 million yen)
Trust maintenance (Cyprus account)
All funds are kept in trust









  • 1.0
  • 1.5
  • 2.1
  • 1.2
  • 0.7
  • 1.1
  • 1.2


It can correspond to all platforms.
Please choose the platform that suits your needs.


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  • iPhone
  • Apple
  • iPad
  • Android

Award history

Thanks to you
Customer satisfaction

Fast reply Fixed speed No. 1 Industry’s narrowest spread I am loved by customers and have come here. thank you very much. Thank you VirtueForex!

Repeat rate

Finally, the repeat rate has exceeded 80%! Repeat rate is the ratio of how many people trade again in a month. That’s why Virtuous Forex is proving to be popular!

Promised speed industry

Trade professionals picked which category they wanted to use, earned the first place in the category. Please feel the power of the fastest execution speed in the industry right now.


age:31 Male
Working for a foreign‐affiliated firm

I have been using VirtueForex for about a year, but it is extremely easy to use and I am saved! Previously, I was going to work while being shaken by a crowded train pushed in the crowd, but I started FX because I do not want such a life. While sitting relaxed now, I am trading with a smartphone. By using the commuting time in the morning well, we now can earn as much money as the monthly income. VirtueForex’s trade application optimized for smartphone is easy to use and is very convenient because it does not have to take out the computer every time.

age:42 Female

I was a beginner of FX, but I tried to start FX thinking of going for a moment. At first there were many things I did not understand, but I talked directly with the person in charge to exchange with chat and taught us how to take care of it. Thanks to you, I now teach everyone of my housewife friends, and we are trade together happily together. Without careful correspondence of VirtueForex, I thought that I had not been started, and now I am thankfully grateful!

age:31 Male

I’ve been trading for 20 years including stocks and futures. Because I was concerned about English, FX was dealing with Japanese accounts because I was worried about English, but I was unable to enter with the numerical value I thought because the fee was high, I changed my mind to VirtueForex. VirtueForex was fully Japanese compatible and was promising speed NO 1, so I chose this company, but I can do crisp trade with it in a superb way, so now the Bang Bang settlement is decided now Then it is a big help. If I met VirtueForex faster, I regret a bit if I had earned more.

※In order to protect your privacy, we will introduce you with initials.

Would you like to start trading in VirtueForex now?

Easy platform, promised speed industry No. 1
Professional also groan VirtueForex’s
Using the latest trade system,
Why do not you earn with FX right now?

Opening an account at VirtueForex,
Just fill in only six items.
opened an account in three minutes,
Let’s start the trading now.


  • Will it be illegal to use overseas FX traders?

    It is not illegal at all.
    There is no legal regulation to arbitrarily use overseas services.

  • Can you withdraw money properly?

    There is no problem if you follow the neat procedure. Even if you say procedures, it is easy to upload your identity card. Money laundering has become a problem internationally in recent years, and it is necessary procedure to prevent it.

  • Can I open a corporate account?

    Yes, you can open a corporate account.Please fill in the corporate live account registration form.

  • Which proof is necessary to approve the account?

    ■ Identification Passport, My Number Card or Driver’s License
    If the correct address is stated in the identification card you provide, no additional address certificate is necessary.
    ■Address proof Bank / card statement or utility bill

  • How long does it take to authenticate my account?

    On average it does not take as long as 30 minutes.

  • What is a demo account?

    Demo accounts are a great way to get used to our trading platform MT 4 with virtual money in a risk free environment.

  • Can I register additional accounts?

    Yes. It is possible to hold up to 3 accounts per person.

  • Do you accept clients in the US or Canada? Yes. It is possible to hold up to 3 accounts per person.

    We can not create an account if you live in the US / Canada. Please note.

  • What is the account currency?

    You can register an account in one of the following currencies:
    USD or JPY

  • How effective is a demo account?

    Demo account is valid 365 days after registration.

  • I forgot my login password.

    Please contact us by email form or by chat.