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More smartly

You can experience VirtueForex FX transactions with virtual demo accounts before actually using your own funds to trade.


How to open a demo account

  • step1

    Please download MetaTrader 4 from below.
    (To download the smartphone MT4 click here

  • step2

    Open MetaTrader, click “File” ⇒ “Request a Demo Account” from the upper left menu

  • step3

    Select “VirtueTechnology-Live” on the screen to select the server

  • step4

    Please select “New Demo Account” and enter your information.
    Trading accounts can choose between USD account and JPY account. Please enter the amount you like as the starting balance.

  • step5

    You can experience a virtual trade when a demo account is successfully created

Please feel free to contact us anytime if there is any unclear point in MT4 operation method etc etc.