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This is a referral program that allows you to refer customers to VirtueForex and receive referral rewards according to the transaction volume of the introduced customers.

What is an Introducing Broker (IB)?

It refers to a partner who can search for customers (investors) who can trade using VirtueForex on our behalf. There is a target group that can be used only because it is introduced by customers who can not reach by our promotion activities alone or customers who understand the goodness of VirtueForex. Introducing brokers who can help develop VirtueForex together will be paid the industry’s top level referral fees.

Basic program package

  • ・Providing online advertising materials (banners and LPs)
  • ・Introduction of sub-affiliate program
  • ・Deployment of dedicated advertising managers for each language

Basic reward program(Forex)

    Rank Reward acquisition conditions Reward amount (every round trip 1 LOT)
    Level 1 Less than 5 active traders US$3.00
    Level 2 5 or more and less than 10 active traders US$5.00
    Level 3 10 or more and less than 30 active traders US$7.00
    Level 4 More than 30 active traders US$10.00
    ※An active trader is a trader who has a balance of US $ 100.00 or 10,000 yen or more in his account and has traded a total of 1 lot or more in the previous month.

Basic reward program(CFD)

    No IB reward is set for CFD trading.

Sub Affiliate Program

    A sub-affiliate program is when a client registered from your affiliate link engages in affiliate (IB) activities. A program in which you also receive a default percentage of the client’s earned reward.

    Sub Affiliate Reward 10% of rewards earned by sub-affiliates
    Occurrence condition Only for transactions of 0.1 lot or more

IB Terms of Service

How to conclude an IB contract

Anyone who has opened an account at VirtueForex will cooperate as a partner. After logging in to My Page, click the IB contract application button from the IB menu. IB activities will be possible on the same day without examination.

Account opening application completed
in 90 seconds at the shortest

Transactions start from the next day at the earliest. Account opening fee and account maintenance fee are free.

Since VirtueForex has introduced an identity verification system at the time of withdrawal based on anti-money laundering regulations, it is possible to apply for account opening without the need for identity verification documents when applying for account opening. This allows you to start Forex trading in the shortest and fastest way without any troublesome procedures.