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You can easily deposit to your MT4 account by various methods such as domestic bank transfer and Bitcoin transfer.

Currency that can be deposited

  • US dollar (USD) / Japanese yen (JPY)

List of deposit methods


Credit card payment deposit

You can use your VISA, MASTER, JCB credit card to deposit to your MT4 account.

  • *Fee:8%
  • *Account reflection time:24 hours

Overseas wire transfer (wire transfer)

You can make a deposit to your MT4 account by sending an overseas wire transfer to your VirtueForex bank account.

  • *Fee:free
  • *Account reflection time:72 hours

Bitcoin Ethereum remittance

You can deposit to your MT4 account by sending Bitcoin or Ethereum to your VirtueForex wallet.

  • *Fee:free
  • *Account reflection time:24 hours

Deposit policy

  • ・We comply with the Money Laundering Prevention Law and do not accept any payments from third parties (other than the account holder).
  • ・The minimum deposit amount is 10,000 yen or 100 dollars.

Account opening application completed
in 90 seconds at the shortest

Transactions start from the next day at the earliest. Account opening fee and account maintenance fee are free.

Since VirtueForex has introduced an identity verification system at the time of withdrawal based on anti-money laundering regulations, it is possible to apply for account opening without the need for identity verification documents when applying for account opening. This allows you to start Forex trading in the shortest and fastest way without any troublesome procedures.